Israeli National Council of Diabetes

Israeli National Council of Diabetes


Risk score for predicting COVID-19 severity in patients with DM

Patients with DM who suffer of COVID-19 are at increased risk for severe morbidity and mortality.

However, not all patients are at similar baseline risk and although there is insufficient data to-date to stratify risk we aimed to create a risk score based on expert opinion and available data.

This risk score is based on the patients’ comorbidities prior to presentation with COVID-19.

The purpose of this risk score is to:

  • Predict who are the patients with diabetes who are at increased risk for complications once infected, in whom greater preventive measures should be taken to avoid infection
  • Define baseline risk beyond diabetes per-se to assist in the decision of hospital admission, or outpatient follow-up upon presentation with COVID-19.
    While, clinical and laboratory parameters at presentation are the main determinants of admission, this score aims to predict risk of complications in spite of a seemingly benign disease upon presentation.

With accumulating data, we propose to calculate a risk score based on commonly available clinical data.